Monday, October 29, 2007

Life has things to lose.

It’s not money, it’s not academics, and it’s not the career. If we count the number of living creatures in this world, the ratio of becoming a human being is almost zero. So there must be a value of becoming a human being. Think.

Theory of Living Relationships
For me living is all about having set of relationships. A world with only me is a living hell. No person can keep all the relationships in a positive manner. But you have to prioritize it. And when you come to super special relationships, have to keep them in separate domains. One domain can have only one attribute for a one rate. Having two, three domains makes harder to maintain and the way you are controlling them might try to make those separate domains intersect. When it comes for a phase of intersection of domains drives you to add the objects to a one single domain. When you add it back for a one single domain, you can’t keep two objects at the same level.

The best thing is to manage a one single domain a just keeping the priority list. But when you come to your parent and your love once it’s very hard to keep those two people in one domain. The best thing is to keep them in two domains and hardly managing it. Or you can just keep all of them in one single list and work as the priority.

The worst things that can be happen is adding non relationship factors in to this list. Some one can say I have my highest priority for myself. Whether you name it or not as a human being you have the top most priority for that. But when something happen you cannot reverse it. Then finally the mental pressure comes back to you.

Anybody can die at any time. Don’t waste your time to do your job for them. If you do not attend to your job you might lose your job. But another job will wait for you. If you mess up your exam you will have an exam again mostly by one year. But if you lose your parent, brother, sister or any other person who you love you will not see him or her never again.

Selection is up to you. The path depends on the selections that you made. But do not forget that one day you are playing the role of the other person (i.e. one day you will become a bro or sis, parent, etc). That day you will get what you have done before and the feelings they got before. Good Luck.