Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ubi-Challenge & N900

In 2009 me an my wife (Kumaripaba) participated on a competition announced by MediaTeam. The initial task was to propose a novel application to run on Ubi-Hostpots. For the competition we proposed two player Battleship game where players can play standing in two sides of the screen. Next the organizers collected data for reasonable amount of time and selected a winner from deployed applications.

Taken from: UBI challenge workshop 2010: real world urban computing.
It was really happy to be the winners of the 1st Ubi-Challenge organized. And as a award for the winners I received a N900 mobile phone. At first it was not my favorite choice. It was kind of heavy compared to many new mobile phones. But after i realized N900 is not just a mobile phone its something like a small computer i started messing with it.

One of the best things i have done with it is i managed to install Android Gingerbread version in to N900 and currently I'm planing to run Windows 95 pretty soon.