Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Domain Extension Meanings

TLD - Top Level Domains
There are three types of top-level domains that are classified by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) which I've described below.

TLD - These are the most common extensions that you're probably familiar with. They are made up of .COM, .NET & .ORG domains.

ccTLD - These are country code domain name extensions and they are generally made up of 2 characters. Some of the ccTLD extensions that you're probably familiar with are .US for United States, .CA for Canada, .JP for Japan and .CN for China.

gTLD - These are generic TLDs and are generally made up of 3 or more letters. Some of the gTLD domain extensions that you may be familiar with are .BIZ, .INFO, .NAME & .MOBI.

Domain Extension Meanings
.COM (Commercial) - Generally intended for commercial use. By far the most recognized domain name extension.

.NET (Network) - This was originally intended for network oriented sites such as internet service providers. This definitely isn't the case any longer. People will register .NET domains for commercial use, generally if the .COM extension isn't available or if they'd like to protect their main .COM domain by registering all available extensions.

.ORG (Organization) - This domain extension was originally intended for non-profit or trade organizations. Again, this is no longer the case and is generally registered by anyone looking to protect their main domain by registering all available domain extensions or simply because a better extension isn't available for registration.

.BIZ (Business) - This is a gTLD that is generally registered  to classify their website as a business. Although it's not a commonly recognized extension, I feel that it's a great alternative if the .COM extension isn't available and for only $8.95 per year through www.WebsiteSpot.com it certainly wouldn't hurt to register the extension so that your competition doesn't try to squat on it.

.INFO (Informational) - This gTLD is generally used as an extension for informational websites. I believe that other than .COM, .NET & .ORG, it's the most popular domain extension used. If you are developing an informational website it's definitely a domain extension that I'd register.

.MOBI (Mobile) - This domain extension, as of this writing, is fairly new. Although majority of the domain name owners registered their domain name with the .MOBI domain name to protect their brand, it is primarily reserved for website built for displaying on mobile devices.

.TV (Television) - In my opinion it's used primarily for media, primarily video, related websites. 

.WS (Website) - This is actually a ccTLD for Western Samoa but was converted to a domain extension commonly used as an acronym for 'website'. Although it seems that it would be a great extension I don't feel that it really ever took off and you can find very good domains available with the .WS extension.

.ME (ME) - This is the newest domain, as of this writing. It was originally the ccTLD of Montenegro but would generally be used for personal related websites such as family websites or blogs another option would be to pose your resume or even artwork that you may have done. The other use would be to create a very memorable personal email address.

.NAME (NAME) - This is a gTLD that's intended for personal use. You'll find that this extension is used for personal / family websites or simply used for name related email addresses.

.US (United States) - This ccTLD generally refers to US based companies. Although the domain has been out for quite some time now it's possible to find some very good domain names with this extension.

.CA (Canada) - This is a ccTLD that is generally reserved for Canadian based businesses.

.LK (Sri Lanka) - This is a ccTLD that is generally reserved for Sri Lanken based businesses.

.CO.UK (United Kingdom) - This country code domain is generally reserved for commercial related websites based in the United Kingdom. Although it's not restricted to just UK based business, I see very little value in registering the domain extension unless you plan on doing some sort of business in the UK.

.CN (China) - This is the ccTLD for China. This domain is not restricted to companies based in China and can basically be registered by anyone that would like a .CN extension.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Add Authentication for your Tomcat Web Application (Using Tomcat Security Realms )

Here im going to note down small set of steps which are very esay and fster to do and create a login for your tomcat web application.
1. get root access and get into the tomcat folder.
2. Open conf/server.xml and uncomment the following line.

<Realm className="org.apache.catalina.realm.MemoryRealm" />
package com.infosys.hanumant.rome;

3. Open webapps/your_tomcat_application/WEB-INF/web.xml and add the following security constraint:


here you have to use the same "web-resource-name" and the "realm-name".

Open conf/tomcat-users.xml and add the following <user> sub-element:

<user name="anyUserName" password="anyPassword" roles="name_of_the_role_which_has_access">

remember that the role which we use here in this tomcat-users.xml and the one which we used in the step 3 should be same. And here we dont need to creat a role differently. Just adding the above line will be enough.

5. Now its time to restart tomcat server.


Easy way to write XML (or HTML) Tags on your blog

When you try to copy and paste xml or html tags on you blog, the blogger count it as a html tag and it will result various other things other than the output you needed.

So i found a link where you can convert you code easily to the code that should be written.

If you really feel thats the wrong way still you can waste time on typing all the charactors as well.