Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My First 3D Movie Experience

It was around 2 weeks ago. We watched Ice Age 3 at Finkino (Oulu) theater. It was my first 3d movie experience and its awesome. It makes you feel your traveling inside the film. But still the glasses made a bit of pain. Still the experience is unforgettable.

As i feel this a simple thory that was mplemeted time ago and now it has come to a better level. When i serched on web for the technology it expalined here.

This is how you see the screen if you look at the screen without glasses.

Friday, August 07, 2009

How to put 13 keys inside 4 cm X 1.5 cm area ??

This might sound bit silly. But if somebody asks you to arrange set of keys on an area of size 4X1.5 cm in a very feasible manner, How would you do it ?? I started thinking of all the varieties of keyboards. here are some sizes and pictures of some of them.
This Keypad has 17 keys in a area of size 9.5X6.5. So If we calculate the area of a unit key, that will be 3.63 (cubic centimeters per key). But the good thing is this keypad is extremely easy to use. I can type super fast even without looking at the keys.

Then a general calculator. Normal size of a general calculator will be either same as that of a Keypad or less. We'll amuse that it is of size 8X5. So the area of a unit key will be 1.53.
And this is the most probable answer for my question. It's super cool. I know there are plenty of keys inside this tiny area. BUT who are you going to press those?. The area is around 2X2 cm in size. And have 16 keys on it. I don't see any use of all the keys if you don't have a pin. So the unit area for a key is 0.25.
The Other keypad that everybody users now a days is the mobile keypad. This is taken from the N95. it has 12 keys in a area of 4.5x2.5. So the area of a one key can be calculated as 0.93. This key pad is far better sample of a compact design.

But still why people do not think out of the box?? All the above samples demonstrate the very traditional way of arranging keys. The following image is the answer that i was looking for. I was really amazed by the design. You can use is as easily as the very first once. You dont need to look at it once you get used to it. And its not a pin head operating pad.
And if you count the number of keys there that is 13. And the area taken by a single key is 0.46.

So from next time when you asked to think out of the box, don't recall the history. Think of something new, and it will make you a real designer & a revolutionary person like Albert Einstein.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

WSO2 & Its Service of 4 years

Yesterday i got to know that WSO2 is having its 4th birthday. WSO2 is a company which leads in a different direction than other Sri Lankan companies. As i found from one of the founders blog, at the very beginning the company was described as follows. (in 2005)
"WSO2 is a Web services software platform company with a difference.

We are creating an uncompromising middleware platform for Web services which treats Web services as first class components instead of as a facade to some existing platform like J2EE. Apache Axis2 is the first SOAP stack which espouses this design in its guts: we focus entirely on doing what's right for Web services first. We make no apologies for being XML centric instead of Java object centric. An add-on layer allows Axis2 to play by the, sometimes klunky, Java rules and regulations (like JAX-RPC) for those who want the comfort of (and are willing to pay the price of) those rules & regulations.

The best part is, all of our software is available free under an open source license.

The even better part is, we are not just giving the software away under open source licenses, but we are also developing it in true open source fashion fully involving the user community. Our role in Apache Web services projects proves that but much more is to come. We've only just begun.

In WSO2, in addition to building the pieces in Apache, we are working on offering integrated Web services server stacks which will provide uncompromising solutions to those looking for the absolute best Web services middleware. "

Now its one of the leading companies which provides various list of services and open source products mainly around the Apache server (as i know).

The good thing with the company is it gave a meaning to the Open Source community in SL. And it earns a large amount of money inside to the country. And the best thing i see is the higher level management (specially Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana) allows and help workers to continue their studies in PhDs. The comapny makes a platform for the employees, to be famous in the open source world and to make their study plans easier.

I wish all the best for WSO2 and i wish sri lanka to have many other new companies who servres Sri Lanka and lift the quality people.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Use IdeaScale and Brainstorm your ideas

IdeaScale enables users or companies to put the comunity ideas together and rank them by the votes of other people.

The ultimate measure of an idea is determined by a voting system. Any idea can be voted to the top or buried back down to the bottom. It combines the "wisdom of the crowds" concept with Web 2.0 models like Digg.

IdeaScale enables Customer Engagement which is beyond customer satisfaction. Interact with your customer community through an IdeaScale portal that puts your customer on a level playing field instead of second class citizens.

The basic account can be created on Free of charge at the IdeaScale home page. Brainstorm you ideas and Enjoy.