Wednesday, August 05, 2009

WSO2 & Its Service of 4 years

Yesterday i got to know that WSO2 is having its 4th birthday. WSO2 is a company which leads in a different direction than other Sri Lankan companies. As i found from one of the founders blog, at the very beginning the company was described as follows. (in 2005)
"WSO2 is a Web services software platform company with a difference.

We are creating an uncompromising middleware platform for Web services which treats Web services as first class components instead of as a facade to some existing platform like J2EE. Apache Axis2 is the first SOAP stack which espouses this design in its guts: we focus entirely on doing what's right for Web services first. We make no apologies for being XML centric instead of Java object centric. An add-on layer allows Axis2 to play by the, sometimes klunky, Java rules and regulations (like JAX-RPC) for those who want the comfort of (and are willing to pay the price of) those rules & regulations.

The best part is, all of our software is available free under an open source license.

The even better part is, we are not just giving the software away under open source licenses, but we are also developing it in true open source fashion fully involving the user community. Our role in Apache Web services projects proves that but much more is to come. We've only just begun.

In WSO2, in addition to building the pieces in Apache, we are working on offering integrated Web services server stacks which will provide uncompromising solutions to those looking for the absolute best Web services middleware. "

Now its one of the leading companies which provides various list of services and open source products mainly around the Apache server (as i know).

The good thing with the company is it gave a meaning to the Open Source community in SL. And it earns a large amount of money inside to the country. And the best thing i see is the higher level management (specially Dr. Sanjiva Weerawarana) allows and help workers to continue their studies in PhDs. The comapny makes a platform for the employees, to be famous in the open source world and to make their study plans easier.

I wish all the best for WSO2 and i wish sri lanka to have many other new companies who servres Sri Lanka and lift the quality people.

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