Tuesday, November 07, 2006


i dont think this is the best topic to start my blog. but this is what i got in to my mind first. Our university closed until 20th (as i know). its after 2 and half years of my university life.

Some ppl thught that if they start governing the university, they can throw the NDT students out and live happily in the university (without NDT students).

The past student unions always tried to do it on the "correct" way. that means, they tried to handeled it by dealing with real responsible ppl. While those responsible ppl are not interested in this matter, this problem took mre time than students thaught.

But again SOME of our students thaught, the best way of forcing them is STRIKES and FIGHTS. But the past student unions and MANY students did not had that attitude. So the university didnt closed for fights like this before.


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Janaka Priyadarshana said...

This is really important topic for UOM students, but unfortunately still there are many students who even do not want to just think about what is going on behind this type of quarrels and what the reasons are for them.
So I am really happy about you, because you have started your blog with a realistic problem which I was unable to do.