Monday, May 18, 2009

My Wish !

At this time i should be happy as a person, because the SL forces won the war against terror. Im really lucky to witness the ending of Sri Lanken war.

Still i dont like the concept of WAR, whcih is mainly killing people. But when a war is happening with a terrorist group, its a dilema to fight or not to fight. If you dont kill them, they will kill civilians and harm public asstets. But still the terrorists are humans as well. And many of them dont know why they are fighting for.

Now its not the time to change the past. Evrybody had chancers to finish this war without WAR. But majority of the country and majority of the terrorists selected the war as the only soulution. And after a huge amount of effort, money and lifes the war ended.

Now its time to think of a country that all the people can live with peace and harmoney. Now everybody knows what are the things that drive the country for a war. And its good take the lessons out of them, and build a new country, where all the ethnic groups can live.

Thats my wish.

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