Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Delete Unread Messages from your GMail

If you Just try to select 'unread' massages simple and click delete will only delete what ever unread messagers on your first page. So if you have some thousands of mail and tousands of unread mail this will not be a easy this to do. So hereare some steps to follow which makes your account some more space.

1.) In the search box type  in:inbox AND is:unread
2.) You will get a search result box, showing '1 - 20 of hundreds'
3.) Select 'All' and you will see 'All 20 conversations on this page are selected, Select all conversations that match this search'. Choose to select all conversations, and you will see 'all conversations in this search are selected'.
4.) Now all the conversations with unread messages in your inbox are selected. Click 'delete'.
5.) You will see: 'This action will affect all conversations in this search. Are you sure you want to continue?' If you are sure, click 'ok'.
6.) You will see: 'All conversations have been moved to the trash'.

*) Before you freak, realize you are still in the search results. Click on the Gmail icon or on the inbox link to see your inbox, which should now only contain your previously read messages/conversations. In you look in the trash, you should see '1 - 20 [or 50 or 100] of XXXX', the number you wrote down at the beginning.
*) Still if you do not manage to delete everything you selected, follow all the steps up to 3, and then click 'Older>' and just makesure all are selected. And now click 'delete'. Now it should work.

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