Friday, December 29, 2006

Raws : New Approach for Web Servicres

This idea can be a not totally new because I did not really done a research on this concept. Now a days all the service providers and all the people who are controlling the software world is trying to deliver all the solutions through the web. In this case Web Services are something really come in to play. Now some people are tring to diliver the Operating System through the Browser and some people are tring to make the web more dynamic and attractive than the desktop.

So in a newer view of the Web Service world, I do like to present a concept named as “Raws”. That is Reverse Ajax for Web Services. Lets see what can we discibe as Reverse Ajax for Web Servicers. Normally a when you send a request to the Web Service, as it defined, it returns the answer to you. That’s all it is. Think it in this manner. You are asking for the current temperature of a specific place. As a normal web service provider what we have to do is, we have to get connected to the Web Service provider time by time and we must request for the new temratre. Whter it is changed or not, it returns the value. So the normal architecture it spend many resources in the web again and agin without any reson.

What im proposing as a result for this problem is Raws. What it does is the user can request to get register for the service and the service sends updates to the user whenever it gets them. So the web service keeps a list of users who regiseterd to the sever, and when ever it gets a change of data it updates to the clients.

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