Tuesday, August 07, 2007

How to restore a Grub from Ubuntu Live CD

Normally you have to install ubuntu after installing windows. But any how if you do it in the other way deffinitely you won't get a selection list for OSs. So you can try this out.

Boot from the Ubuntu live Cd and then open the terminal. Then type those in the terminal:

sudo grub

This will enter you to the grub prompt. Next enter the rest of the codes in the grub prompt.

find /boot/grub/stage1

then u will showout some details. so in the next command you have to enter some details from those. Fill up the next command with appropriate daetail that came from the above command.

root (hd*,*)

chenge the asterix with data that recived from the previous command. Then enter the next command to install grub in to master boot record.

setup (hd0)

that is the end of restoring the grub. then to quit from the grub shell enter


then resart the computer. Then u'll get the grub as it was. Enjoy :)

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Janaka Priyadarshana said...

please remember to choose the correct live CD whether it is 64 bit version or 32 bit version.